Hey there, I'm Samm.

I am a Seattle based healthy living entrepreneur and blogger who encourages women to live their best life by helping them discover their dreams, balance their lives, and develop healthy lifestyle habits. You will learn to make your happiness and yourself a priority.


You deserve to live a life you love.

I can help! Let’s work together to discover your passions and launch the life you’ve always dreamt about.

How to Make Money from Your Phone with Arbonne

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money? Are you planning for your future and not sure how you’re going to achieve all you want? Are you a crazy busy mom or student that would love to make money with the little free time you have? Then read on because this is for you!

I love the idea of working from home, but I’ve always wanted to be a Special Needs Teacher. That’s why I love Network Marketing as a work-from-home option. I have the opportunity to work from my phone, while still following my heart as a teacher. Network Marketing gives you the opportunity to build a home-based business with a flexible schedule (created by you!), minimal investment, and no experience (the right upline is definitely important, however!)

As far as Arbonne goes, there are some things to consider and we will talk about all of it so you can make an informed decision!

Here is what we will cover:

1. What is Arboone?
2. How do I make money as an Arbonne Independent Consultant?
3. What perks + benefits does Arbonne have?
4. Why I joined Arbonne (and who I am!)
5. What is included in the $49 Arbonne Independent Consultant kit?
6. How do I sign up as an Independent Consultant?

What is Arbonne?

Arbonne prides itself on being pure, safe, and beneficial. Arbonne is a health, wellness, and beauty brand that has been around for 40 years. It has a pure, safe, and beneficial ingredient policy, planet-friendly product + packaging commitment (hello fill the box!!), as well as an inclusive and inspiring company culture.

All products are:

Cruelty free
100% Vegan
Certified Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Non-GMO Project Verified
Soy Free
Free of over 2,000 harmful ingredients – did you know: Arbonne bans more ingredients than the European Union?! And the US only bans 11 harmful ingredients!)


30 days to healthy living
Plant-based nutrition supplements (oh hey Samm-Favorite Fizz Sticks!!)
Botanically based anti-aging skincare for men AND women
Detox bath + body spa line
Botanically based makeup
Sports nutrition
Baby care bath + body line

You can view the full product line (over 400 products!). To learn more about Arbonne, you can click here.

How do I make money as an Arbonne Independent Consultant?

In simple terms? Every product you purchase and/or your clients (preferred or retail) purchase through your personal website earns you commission. You can also earn bonuses and overrides by helping others do the same exact thing.

Dreams can come true – Are you ready to work for them?

What I love about Arbonne is the second you sign up as a consultant you are surrounded by a team of positive and successful people who want to support you and see you succeed. When you sell a consumable product that is in high demand it is really easy to not be super salesy and gross! (Did you catch that word ‘consumable’? Keep it in mind, we will talk more about this later)

You can make money with Arbonne in 4 ways:

1. Through direct sales. Everything you sell from your personal website earns you commission. You earn 35% commission on all retail sales and 15% on all Preferred clients. You get paid weekly!!

2. Overrides are commissions through your team. When you teach and train others to duplicate the process you are using (because you’re duplicating it as well) you earn commission from those sales. Think about it – the more people you help, the more you earn. You get paid monthly!!

3. Cash bonuses at every level. You are eligible to earn cash bonuses at every level from consultant to National Vice President (BTW that is only 4 levels!!) You get paid monthly!!

4. Mercedes Benz cash bonus program. Say what?! I could EARN a Mercedes Benz? Yes, yes you can (as long as you work your business like you want that Mercedes) When you promote to Regional or National Vice President you earn a generous cash bonus to pay for a white Mercedes of your choice.

Take a sneak peak look at the generous compensation plan:

It costs $49 to become a consultant plus the cost of the product (comment below or send me an email for recommendations of where to start). The $49 covers your personal website and your welcome kit.

There are no monthly fees, inventory requirements or hidden startup costs (I promise it’s the $49 + the cost of any product you want). You get 30-50% off all product + revenue kick backs once you reach the first level of management when you become a consultant. You could sign up just to get a discount on products for yourself and get a kick back, which is great if you love the product and want the best deal.

OR you can sign up with the mindset that you are going to start your own business and make money from your phone, all while changing your life! There is huge income potential in starting your own Arbonne business. But I’m not going to lie to you, it takes work and the income is not promised to everyone; the income is determined by how you work your business.

Why I Became an Arbonne Consultant

I want to take a minute to tell you my story and a little bit about who I am. I am a college student (second time around) and a paraeducator for the district I grew up in. What does that mean? I work full time as a special needs teacher (without the money) and I go to school full time. But honestly, I love every single part of it. All of the stress and anxiety, as well as all of the love and growth from my students.

When I was first introduced to Arbonne I was with a different Network Marketing company (I’ve tried this a couple of times before I found Arbonne). Truth be told, I couldn’t stand behind the products without feeling wrong or like a fraud and our beliefs just didn’t align. But Arbonne is different. I spent time researching the company before I even jumped in. I had been introduced to Arbonne on several occasions. 

My first instinct for joining Arbonne was money (I did mention I’m a college student, right?) But it was more than that – I’d fallen in love with their Fizz Sticks and the natural energy they’d given me (without the caffeine crash). Oh I know, I boast about being a coffee connoisseur and yet, here I am talking about something other than coffee. I can love both and just cut back on my coffee intake drastically. 

At the time of this writing, we are in the middle of a quarantine, with no end in sight. I’m not working, because schools are closed and I am afraid of losing my job. I needed something to fall back on – everything was closing down. I felt like I was drowning in student loan debt and hadn’t even started making payments (hello, still a college student!)

That’s when the opportunity to join Arbonne popped up. Like I said, I had been part of network marketing before and it just didn’t work out. If I didn’t meet a quota or wasn’t able to work my business for some reason, I was forgotten completely. It didn’t matter that I was trying, it just didn’t happen, my sponsors had forgotten me. 

So I was skeptical, for these very reasons.  “What if I didn’t meet a quota, would my upline just stop training me?” “What if I was untrainable?” (btw I now know this to not be true). I brought these up to my sponsor and was assured that none of this would happen and that I was in fact trainable. The fear subsided and turned into mild anxiety and excitement. 

I assured myself that I was not perfect and that I could not know it all right now. But I could learn and grow in myself, my faith, and this business as I help others live their lives and discover their passion in life.

When I achieve my goals, I will be debt free, living my best life. I will be driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, working full time as a teacher, and about to put a down payment on my first house. I am going straight to that top of this business in that gorgeous white Mercedes Benz! Arbonne has already given me a group of inspiring, like-minded women that I am forever grateful for. 

What perks and benefits does Arbonne have?

Now you know why I became an Arbonne Consultant, but maybe you’re wondering if it’s the right thing for you and some of the benefits. Here are some of the key points I considered when making my decision and I hope you do too.

  • You don’t need to carry ANY inventory – people can buy directly from your personal website
  • With the right guidance, you can make a profit in your first month
  • Arbonne’s product line is consumable – people are already using these products daily and will need them again and again (business 101 for effortless sales)!
  • it is GLOBAL – operating in 7 different countries.
  • You get built-in business training + support from your sponsor – no guessing how to grow your business
  • Personal growth + friends are so important! As an adult, it is really hard to make friends. Arbonne is a total shortcut to those deep friendships with people who build you up and encourage you (my sponsor is why I joined!)
  • It fits into all of those small chunks of time in your day – think about it, how much time do you spend scrolling Facebook or watching TV? Build your business during that time instead.
  • it is only $49 to get started – you can start your own business for half the cost of your Amazon membership (say what?!)

With the right guidance and support, working from home as an Arbonne Consultant can be totally fun and rewarding! When you join my team, you jump right into a business that has systems in place for making money your first month in – as long as you do the work. Nobody is going to hand you your dreams. So chase them – follow the training and running your business will be simple and fun!

We have access to tips on attraction marketing, social media, and more. Plus you get personal guidance for how to implement the training! I’d love for you to join my team if you feel like we’d be a good fit! If so – follow the steps below to get signed up and start selling in no time!

How do I become an Arbonne Independent Consultant?

Step 1

Go to my website then scroll down until you see “sign up” – click the button. You should see my name – Sammantha Gilbert – and picture – but if not, you can enter my consultant ID to make sure you get on my team (ID # 25465923) In the next few steps you’ll enter your email address and other personal details.

The signup process will take you through a few more steps, then it will ask you to choose a startup order. You’re not required to purchase any product to start your business! All you NEED is the “New Independent Consultant Registration” ($49). This comes with information to get your business started. If you want to start strong with demos and such, then it is a great idea to get one of the Value Packs at this time. But again it is completely up to you. Finalize your set up and registration by clicking through the next steps.

Just $49 to start your business. Other value packs are optional!

Step 2

I will get an email that you joined my team and I will help you get started! We have a private Facebook group where you have total access to everything I have, including a team of incredibly supportive women. We also have a team website where you will have access to all of our training materials to help you run your business without the gross spammy, salesy feelings, all while making money!

If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below or email me directly at hi @ I can’t wait to chat about your goals and what you want out of this business!

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*Disclaimer: The typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like.
*Disclaimer: This website is owned and operated by Sammantha Gilbert, an Arbonne Independent Consultant, and is not endorsed by Arbonne. Any opinions expressed on this website are made by and the responsibility of the Independent Consultant and should not be construed as a representation of the opinions of Arbonne. Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees that any Independent Consultant will be financially successful, as each Independent Consultant’s results are dependent on their own skill and effort. You should not rely on the results of other Arbonne Independent Consultants as an indication of what you should expect to earn. The annual typical earning statement is contained in the Arbonne Independent Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS) available at
Hi, I’m Samm

Hi, I’m Samm

A Seattle based lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur. I help women everyday live their best life thanks to my high-quality health and wellness products!

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5 Steps to Changing Your Life

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them — that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like

Lao Tzu

I’m going to get real…well, real with you. Life has a funny (read: terrifying) tendency to throw us curve balls at every possible turn. [Note, you are in for all sorts of sports metaphors]

Every new year brings new opportunities. Many of us set resolutions that we forget about by the end of January. Life doesn’t always align with the cards we lay ourself. It is constantly keeping us on our toes.

In the last decade, I have grown into myself, lost myself, and built my life from the ground up. I spent 2019 transforming myself, my mindset, and my life. I spent the last 365 days focusing on aligning my desires with the universe and manifesting them accordingly.

Grab yourself a glass of wine, I’m going to share 5 steps to changing your life.

Reframe Your Mindset

It has been said, time and time again, if you change your thoughts, you change your world. Imagine a world where you focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Where you are grateful for everything you have rather than envious of what you do not.

Every decision we make in our heart comes from the position of our choices. You cannot pleasurably and repeatedly do what you have no interest in do. I know life is not all sunshine and rainbows. Life can be a real b*tch sometimes. But the choices we make in our heart kick off in the mind and makes its way down to manifestation. But before you can change or transform your life, you have to work and reframe your mindset.

Back to that positive world real quick. In order to have this positive world and life, you have to develop a positive vision. Having a positive outlook kicks off in the mind, because real change starts in our thoughts. Which means, the ability to embrace change kicks off in the mind as well. The following activity will help you in developing this vision of positivity.


First thing every morning thank the Universe for 5 things you are grateful for. Make a list, date it. However you do it, just do this EVERY morning.

You’ve probably heard the term “growth mindset”. It is often linked to learning and intelligence, but as we know, it goes beyond just that. Growth Mindset is the belief that, with hard work and persistence, you can achieve anything.

Limiting beliefs are those thoughts fueled by fear. “I can’t” “This is just how I am” “What if I fail” All of these, and many more, stem from fear of change and improvement. They stem from our belief that we are a victim and, often, we refuse to move through it.

Expanding beliefs, however, are fueled by change. “I can always change” ” What if I flourish” “There is always more to learn” These are just some of the opposing statements that stem from faith and a willingness to change.

What you tell yourself and how you process things can accelerate your growth and by simply choosing to utilize expanding belief phrases can bring a major positive shift in your life.

Develop Productive Routines

Transformation appears in 3 phrases: (1) Notice that you need to make a change. (2) Make a choice about what to do to align with a positive mindset. (3) Do something different to make that change.

Routines play a vital role in our growth and transformation process, which is why these must remain consistent. Waking up early is a key activity to transformation. Waking up early gives you the chance to make things happen, because you have the time to do so. Basically, you supercharge your mornings when you wake up early.

Our mental state should not be overlooked, however. You must learn to eliminate negativity. This will build your confidence and grant you freedom from your fears.

  • Perfectionism
  • Judgment over yourself and others
  • Self-Doubt
  • Assuming the worse
  • Worrying
  • Complaining
  • Trying to control everything

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Be Grateful

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful catalyst for happiness, which is why everything I say here boils down to it.

The foundation of growth is gratitude; your mental state is controlled with satisfaction and you can’t help but look forward to every moment of striving.

Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency and you will attract much better things

Rhonda Byrne

It helps us grow and expand, ushers joy into our lives. The more grateful you are, the more positive you are, the more the universe will provide blissand peace.


Today, I challenge you to focus on appreciation, be thankful for what you have as you strive.

Practice Self Care

There are people out there who argue that self-care is nothing but selfish and unnecessary. I call BS on that. Self-care is vital to your transformation journey.

You know that philosophical question: “Is the cup half empty or half full”? Here’s the thing, It really is a question of how much you are giving other people, versus how much you are giving yourself. If you do not spend time checking on your health, mental and physical, then you become run down. This is when we find ourselves getting sick, as well.


Here a checklist of self-care strategies you can use to improve your life!

Think of it this way: Our bodies are gardens, and while we are the gardeners, we must take care of ourselves. Love the flower and let it grow, don’t like the flower and pick it.

Live in the Moment

Life is a beautiful thing and you shouldn’t be struggling through it.

Living in the moment demands joy and a bit of peace. You are mindful and simply choose to let the moment sink into your bones, your soul.

As we progress through new phases and stages of life, we meet new obstacles, challenges, come across new bridges and situations that throw more struggles at us.

It can seem like a lot at first; a lot of responsibility. But in order to keep these things in check and be able to navigate them with poise, we need to be mindful. Inhale and exhale your strength because you are in charge and in control.

Create a positive environment, including supporting relationships and good health. Create the sanity to strive because there is so much to live for, even if it seems hard to see at the time.

Stop suppressing the present while searching for the future. It will come, but you will miss a lot if you don’t focus on the now. You can neither change the past nor control the future. However, the current activities and habits you uphold now can enact your journey with more positivity and peace. Which leads us to our next activity.


I challenge you to schedule 1 day without your phone. Get people together or do this alone. Put all electronics away. Go on an adventure or spend it as a typical day. But see what you notice about the day. Every hour I want you to take notice of the following things: 5 things you can see, 4 things you can smell, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.

By doing these 5 things, you ground yourself in the now, you become mindful of what is around you. You may also realize there is very little you actually notice. This is why I am challenging you to do this once a week.

Transformation isn’t perfect, nor is it easy. It all comes down to the effort you put in every single day. That is when transformation happens. That is when change occurs. So keep pushing and remember why you started and it will all be worth it, even when it isn’t easy.

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5 Tricks for Great First Impressions

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

We get one chance to leave a great first impression. But we don’t always know how. I’ve curated a list of 5 vital tricks to first impressions!

1. Sit up straight but remain relaxed. You do NOT want to come off as uncomfortable.

2. Uncross your arms and legs. Not only will you look more engaged, but you will also absorb more of what is going on.

3. Talk with your hands. You look more credible and passionate about what you’re discussing. Avoid going full Tony Soprano.

4. Smile and nod, genuinely. This shows people you are listening to and understanding them.

5. Be aware of your voice. Do you tend to end everything with a question? (‘Does that make sense’ is the ultimate culprit). Avoid this at all cost! Assume they know what you’re talking about and that it makes sense. If it doesn’t, they will ask. Also keep your voice low!

Take these 5 keys to great first impressions and go rock those interviews, staff meetings, and even those first dates!

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